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Who are the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate?


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We are Franciscans!

As Sisters of St. Francis, we embrace the Gospel way of life.  We accept the challenge Jesus first gave Francis of Assisi, “Go, rebuild my Church.” Under the patronage of Mary Immaculate, we open ourselves to the Spirit of God at work within us.  Following the example of our foundress, Mother Alfred Moes, we are women religious who take risks, assume new tasks and devote new energies as we seek out those in need and share our lives with them.

We are Women of Prayer

As women of prayer, we follow the command of Jesus to “pray always and not lose heart” (Luke 18:1). Formed in the spirituality of Francis and Clare, prayer and contemplation permeate every aspect of our evangelical life. As a Eucharistic community, we respond to God’s call to holiness with gratitude and generosity. Uniting our prayers with those of our sisters and brothers throughout the world, we enter into the mystery of the Spirit of God at work within us.

We are Sisters in Community

As sisters in community, we commit ourselves to living with and for one another in shared faith, common hope and mutual love. We treasure one another as we share our possessions and talents, our joys, our sorrows, our ideals, our very selves.

We are Disciples in Mission

As disciples in mission, we believe that who we are is as important as what we do. Embracing our vocation as ecclesial women, we continue the traditional ministries entrusted to us by the Church by means of personal witness, direct service and sponsorship. With Gospel vision, we respond to the contemporary needs of the People of God as we oppose, without compromise, all forms of injustice and creatively shape new ministries of presence, advocacy and spiritual renewal.



                     Congregation Leadership
                           2012 - 2016

             Central Administration  -  (2012 - 2016)

 (From left to right) Sister Peggy Quinn, Sister Clarita Schumacher, Sister Dolores Zemont, Sister Lourdes Boyer, Sister Teresinha M. Del'Acqua and Sister MJ Griffin.

                Prayer to the Holy Spirit
                        (read at the Installation Mass)

Come, Spirit of the Living God, Bless these sisters who are accepting leadership in our Franciscan Congregation. Bless them with confidence, wisdom and compassion. Fill their hearts with peace, gentleness and all good gifts. We pray that this blessing may strengthen them with the grace to move into the work, the ministry ahead of them.

May they be compassionate to human needs, tender and strong in the care of others, genuine in friendships and faithful to the oaths they are about to take.