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Vision Statement of the Associates

As Associates of the Sisters of St. Francis, we yield to the Spirit who forms us in the Gospel values of prayer, simplicity, poverty, charity and justice, as modeled in times past by Francis and Clare, and as lived in modern times by Mother Alfred Moes and the women who follow her today.

We believe that we are part of a new creation of Associates and vowed members which is coming to birth in the Church, in the world, and in this particular Congregation.

                                                 Sister Sharon Frederick and associate
                                                 Cheryl Shaw at  the Franciscan Feast. 


Following are some common questions regarding the Franciscan Associate Program which were answered by Sr. Sharon Frederick, OSF, Director of the Associates.

What does it mean to be an Associate?
Associates are individuals who desire to form a deep bond between themselves and the Congregation.  By these relationships the associates thereby share Congregation goals, concerns, and values of the Sisters in the Congregation,

Why do we have Associates?

By sharing the Congregation’s charism and mission with the Associates, we broaden the scope of our efforts to live the Gospel of Jesus and are mutually enriched through prayer, friendship and service. 

Why be an Associate?
The reasons why someone chooses to become an Associate are very personal.  However, the majority of individuals make the decision because they want to form a deeper relationship with God. They also have a strong desire to share in the mission and spirit of the Congregation with the Sisters with whom they have formed a relationship.

What kinds of things do our associates do?

Through prayer, correspondence or visits, each Associate forms a special relationship with their Companion Sister.  The Associate may volunteer in congregational service and participate in congregation celebrations, special events and prayer services.

What is your role as Director of Associates?

As Director of Associates, my role is to minister to the needs of individuals who desire to be in relationship with the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate, without being vowed members, and within their own lifestyles. As Director of Associates I, along with the Assistant Director, Janine Hicks,  provide mutual support, and coordinate opportunities for individuals to share in the mission and spirit of the Congregation. 

What are the steps one takes to become an Associate?

1. Get to know a member of the Congregation.
2. Request and complete an application form.
3. Begin the discernment process by completing a series of 
    reflection questions.
4. Provide references, photograph of oneself.
5. Write an autobiography.
6. Attend a congregation orientation session.
7. Obtain Governing Board approval.
8. Write mutual agreement.
9. Formalize commitment in public ceremony.