Successful 26th Annual Franciscan Autumn Feast

On Sunday, October 25, 2015, the 26th Annual Franciscan Autumn Feast was held at the Patrick C. Haley Mansion in Joliet, IL.  We had beautiful weather, wonderful attendance and a delicious dinner.  It was also a time to congratulate and honor our four honorees: Claire Millweard and Fran Naal with the Joliet Franciscan Heritage Award and Diane Nilan of Hear Us and the Will-Grundy Medical Clinic with the Mother Alfred Moes Award.

We would like to especially thank our committee members, guests, sponsors and advertisers, as well as those who donated baskets and raffle items for the auction.  We are truly grateful for your support.

 Following is a listing of our Corporate Sponsors and Individual Sponsors for the event.


Burgundy Circle
Mrs. Dorothy Brown
Arvid & Anne Johnson
Shelby & George Vogrin

Blue Circle
Bill & Margaret Benoit
Jay & Lori Bergman
John & Jeanette D’Arcy
Mrs. Joan Griffin McCabe
Mrs. Theresa Penosky
Ken Resh
David & Nancy Takashima

White Circle
Fred & Teresa Dames
Henry Bros. Co.
Minarich Graphics & Supplies
Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol, LLC
Tracy Johnson & Wilson, Attorneys at Law
Turk Furniture

Circle of Friends
Mrs. Bonnie Ardaugh
Wayne & Jane Bessette
Arthur & Pamela Cirignani
Mrs. Lois Considine
Mrs. Marjorie Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Glascott
Matt & Dolores Gross
Ms. Elizabeth Hassert
Mrs. Elaine Hershbarger
Mrs. James B. Hickey
Mr. Robert Kochevar
Michael & Laura Ladewski
Mrs. Marjorie Marion
Karl & Gayle Maurer
Mrs. Donna M. Mays
Ms. Helen McCormick
Lynn Michels
Joseph & Pauline Mikuska
Mrs. Chet Millweard
Mrs. Frances Naal
Ann C. O’Brien
Mrs. Rita Ohlson
Ms. Joan Reeves
Kathleen Rossman OSF
Rev. Ronald Scarlata
Larry & Janet Simpson
Ms. Linda Sticklen
Mrs. Marilyn Tarizzo
Mrs. Geri Thayer
Frances Wenzel
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wyllie
Anonymous (2)

Sisters Announce 2015 Honorees

The Annual Franciscan Autumn Feast not only supports the Sisters, but it provides the Sisters with the opportunity to honor individuals and organizations who are impacting the community. In 2015, the Sisters are happy to announce that there will be two Mother Alfred Moes Award Honorees and two Joliet Franciscan Heritage Award Honorees.

Mother Alfred Moes Award Honorees

The Will-Grundy MeWill Grundy Medical Clinic copydical Clinic, now in its 31st year, will be honored for its commitment to provide free medical and dental care to adults who have no health insurance or medical care entitlements and meet prescribed income guidelines. Care is provided by physicians, dentists and other professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to the Clinic.

NilanDiane Nilan is the founder and president of Hear Us, an organization that provides voice and visibility to the country’s homeless children and youth. Diane travels around the country in her home – an RV – and through films and books, works to bring this message of children in crisis to educators and social service workers.


Joliet Franciscan Heritage Award Honorees

FranFran Naal has been involved with the Sisters for many years. Not only is she a graduate of the College of St. Francis (now the University of St. Francis), she is the niece of the late Sister Loretta Tures. So one can say, Fran grew up with the Sisters in her life. Fran has been a member of the Feast committee almost from the beginning of the event and is a founding member of the Sisters’ 520 Club. She is an active member of the Visitation & Aid Society, the Joliet Area Community Hospice Guild, the University of St. Francis Alumni Association, as well as others.  Fran cares about Joliet and the people who call it home. Fran is a Joliet Franciscan Heritage Award Honoree.

ClaireClaire Millweard has also been involved with the Sisters for most of her life. As a student at St. John the Baptist Grade School and St. Francis Academy, Claire has had a long relationship with the Sisters. Like Fran, Claire has also been a member of the Feast committee almost from the beginning and is also a founding member of the 520 Club. Claire is a member of the Joliet Area Community Hospice Guild, the Visitation & Aid Society and others. Claire has lived in Joliet her entire life and her actions speak to her commitment to this community. Claire is a Joliet Franciscan Heritage Award Honoree.