eCard (2020/09/21 12:34:41)

Dear Kelsey: I hope you have a fantastic birthday. How have things been going? I decided I would send an e-card because I was not sure if your address was still the same. I want you to know that on the 22nd I will keep you in my prayers all day. Your birth is etched in my memory. It was one of the best births I ever attended. This pandemic has certainly changed our lives. I have hardly left my home. The amount of celebrating anything has been reduced significantly. In May, I had a replacement of my aortic valve. During the surgery the electrical part of my heart of affected so I also have a pacemaker. Now a few more years have been added to my life, if all goes as the doctor predicts. On the 15th I celebrated my 80th birthday. I got a ton of greetings. I was kept busy for two days with phone calls, emails, texts and reading old fashion greeting cards. I received lots of lovely gits for the occasion. I was spoiled. How is your Dad? Happy Birthday, Kelsey. The best of everything to you. Love, Sr. Angela