In 2016, the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate accepted the following statement as a Corporate Stance of the Congregation:

We, the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate, commit to a stance of Anti-Racism. As we take this position, we promise to make conscious intentional efforts to eradicate racism in all its forms – individual, cultural and institutional.



We invite you to begin the anti-racism journey and walk with us by actively working on one or two of these examples.

  • Learn all one can about racism – read books, watch movies, go to workshops and lectures
  • Commit to anti-racism (Anti-racism = a conscious intentional effort to eliminate racism in all its forms – individual, cultural and institutional}
  • Write letters to the editor of the paper when you see something happen, either positive or negative
  • Regularly bring to prayer your desire to eliminate racism
  • Value the qualities of people whose cultures are other than your own
  • For white people, develop awareness of how white privilege impacts our lives.(Click here to view examples)
  • Become aware that racism hurts everyone, not just those who are oppressed
  • Be conscious of anti-racism in hiring practices
  • Speak directly and honestly when one observes racism in institutions
  • Inspire individuals/groups to curb racist speech and actions
  • Have anti-racism dialogue with organizations and support them in their efforts to be anti-racist
  • Provide ongoing education in areas of anti-racism and white privilege
  • Utilize social media to convey the message

To read about  “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh, click here.