Remembering Sister Bernard Marie Campbell, OSF

“I’m going to have to do some getting used to it. In the first place I’m going back to my hometown. But I know Mansfield more than I do Joliet.” These were Sister Bernard Marie Campbell’s words expressed eight years ago to a reporter for the Mansfield News Journal who interviewed her and Sister Paula Bingert on their departure from Mansfield after 144 years of our Sisters’ having served there.

Yes, that change in 2015 did require some adjustment. But Bernard found comfort in the work that she did weekly for the Congregation at the Joliet Franciscan Center when she called donors to thank them for their contributions. Expressing that gratitude reminded her of the 19 years she had spent at Saint Peter’s High School Development office thanking the alumni and benefactors for their support. Being at Our Lady of Angels, next door to Joliet Catholic Academy, where her nephew was the baseball coach, gave Bernard a chance to stay in touch with the high school athletic scene which had meant so much to her. Living at Our Lady of Angels where her brother Bob became a resident before he died there also brought family within reach in a new way. She had talked to her brother Tom in Florida twice a day for years following his heart transplant, but this was another special connection with “the boys.” Her nieces and nephews were close at hand, also, including the children of her sisters Patricia and Dorothy, both of whom predeceased her.

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