Pauline_Ann_websiteAs afternoon gave way to evening on July 29, 2015, Sister Moon was rising gently in the east as Brother Sun was setting slowly in the west. Amidst this splendor of God’s wondrous creation, Sister Death awaited the final beat of the musical heart of our Sister Pauline Ann. And so, with its closing measures, the beautiful song that was her life came to a conclusion. Though the suddenness and seeming swiftness of her earthly departure remains a mystery to the many loved ones she left behind, to know Pauline Ann is to know how firmly she believed herself to be held securely in the palm of God’s hand.

Born on Sunday, June 26, 1921, Pauline Ann was welcomed into this world by her loving parents, Olga (Hermann) and Thomas Furiel. As a child, growing up on the east side of Joliet, Illinois, she was a natural when it came to being a “big sister” in a family of eight.

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