The Call – By Marianne Saieg, OSF

Numbers, quantity is what we pray increases
and quality is what we already have…within.

We seem like, and in reality, we are,
less than we were, but only in numbers.

Yet, in spiritual languages we are more than we seem –

Aging is inevitable, and with years, we pray, comes
Grace to grow a mature faith…

We speak of lack and fail to name
our more.

Becoming limited, we soar, growing
our souls to a someday full stature.

The Past has formed us – and re-formed us-
in an eternal tradition, ever new and expanding.

We carry our burdens, daily, sometimes well and
then again not so well.

We are Called and Re-Called.

Find your fire, fan your flame.
Re-kindle the initial fervor of the Call,
re-member your dreams.

Now, we must Pro-cede and Pro-act with even deeper care.

Our present moment requires vigor, valor, nobility,
deep treads and strong shoulders
as we walk steadily together – not alone.

We need campfires,
Spaces to place our true selves.

Lay aside the bitter herbs
And taste the honey of the “worker-bees”

All who have gone before us have untold lessons for us –

We are forever learners.

Seekers finding treasures to be shared.

Visualize your deepest longings…
Place your memory in the story where you knew
for certain your life had purpose.

What brought about your fire?  What kept you?
What continues to ignite your Call?

Was it not I?
The Water-Walker.